Founded in 2013 by Milton Berlinski, Peter Aberg and Alexander Chulack, Reverence Capital Partners is a private investment firm focused on the middle-market of the financial services industry.  Over the course of their careers, our founders have been active advisors and investors in the financial services space, have advised on hundreds of transactions across financial services and, collectively, have invested billions of dollars on behalf of institutional and high net worth investors.

Our Investment Philosophy:

Reverence Capital focuses on a broad spectrum of middle-market financial services companies, in both private and public securities. We target control and influence-oriented minority investments, but remain flexible on the form and structure of the ultimate investment.

We focus on investing in businesses with: 

  • Proven business models with strong and defensible franchises 
  • Strong management teams
  • Growing revenues and earnings, which generate high free cash flow or attractive returns on retained capital

By leveraging our team's extensive operational expertise and network of Special Advisors, we deliver added value to good core businesses through: 

  • Accelerating earnings growth
  • Driving scale to improve returns
  •  Accessing relationships to broaden/build a stronger business

Financial Services Sector Focus:

We take a thematic approach to investing across verticals of financial services and seek to combine our view of long-term strategic developments with best companies and teams in each sector.